Saturday, January 31, 2009

Nashville sheriff reveals racism with speech to White Supremacist group; time to get candidates together to run against re-election of the racist

Nashville Sheriff Daron Hall was the featured speaker at a gathering of a White supremacist group, confirming the racism behind his motivations to bring the heinous 287g deportation program to Music City, reports The Tennessean.

Hall sold the 287 program in Nashville -- which is supported by his fellow Democrats in Mayor Karl Dean and Congressman Jim Cooper -- with lies that it was meant only to round up undocumented immigrants with a criminal record.

Instead, more than 3,500 people have been deported after being arrested for things like fishing without a license. These human beings have jobs and families. And one of the criminal cases Hall cited to sell the program politically was the murder of two white residents. But the undocumented immigrant was easily exonerated by a Nashville jury. Still, 287g remains.

Hall, in the newspaper article, reverted to more lies -- saying he did not know he was speaking before a White supremacist group and blaming his appearance there as the fault of his scheduler.

Yet the group says Hall is the only politician to appear before the body in its history.

Hall's racism should be an embarrassment to a civil rights city as Nashville, and so should the support of 287g by other Nashville Democrats.

Taxpayers also are being cheated. All the resources going to arrest, process and incarcerate people who are no threat to this nation steers law enforcement away from needing crime prevention. And any law enforced by the color of one's skin and the accent of one's voice is simply racist.

Immigration enforcement is a federal responsibility. Would we bring the administration of Social Security to counties simply because the federal government cannot properly manage it? Of course not. So why are undocumented immigrants so targeted? We know why.

SSA is so broken in its administration that I had to wait 18 months to get disability payments for my leukemia. I earned those benefits from working and contributing to the trust fund since I was 13. Some disabled people die before they get benefits. Others give up and don't even challenge the first two denials of benefit appeals. That should be a more pressing need to correct.

With the declining economy, undocumented immigrants are returning home on their own.

It's the racists such as Sheriff Hall who have turned the issue of immigration into one of inhumanity. If Nashvillians choose to leave Hall in office, then they should go down to Alabama and see if the late Bull Connor had any grandchildren.

Then bring them up here to help to make the racism in the sheriff's department complete.

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Kate said...

I'm a bit confused. What does your disability have to do with ILLEGAL immigrants?

Seriously question.