Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Why is Obama after GOP votes if Dems are in the strong majority in Congress and he has mandate?

House Republicans had a cordial, substantive and direct dialogue with President Barack Obama on his stimulus plan today on Capitol Hill.

While they expressed appreciation, they also noted to him that the economic stimulus plan to be considered this week before the House has no GOP input and is filled with Dem pet projects.

It is becoming apparent that Obama's largest problem is House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and his own party steering very sharply to the Left.

But with Dem majorities in both houses of Congress, why is the president seeking GOP input?

Because of the political consequences.

The plan is not going to work. And the Dems will be left holding the bag in the 2010 congressional election, costing a lot of seats. Obama needs political cover of Republicans also voting for his plan. Without that, he has to assume all the blame.

The GOP should stand strong and vote against the stimulus plan as it is.

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BEP said...

I would suggest that just because a party has the necessary votes to ram through its agenda, that does not make it good to do so. That is politics as usual, and I think many people are tired of that. I congratulate Obama on seeking consensus even when they could strong-arm a Democratic agenda past the minority Republicans.