Thursday, January 29, 2009

Damn Fool: Kelsey tries to extort puppet Speaker; Republican should resign his seat immediately

When you make House Democrats look like they have integrity, then one has stooped lower than a snake's belly or Jimmy Naifeh laying out for a tan.

And reports from WSMV Channel 4 today confirm that Rep. Brian Kelsey, who brought a noisy complaint about sexual harassment allegations against puppet Speaker Kent Williams before the House Ethics Committee, tried to extort a chairmanship to tone down his complaint.

Damn fool. He should resign immediately and never return to the Statehouse. If not, then the Republican leadership should bring ethics charges against him for his removal.

Here's is the tragedy of what he did:

First, he made the reprehensible Democratic leadership in the House seem like victims. It is not. It is corrupt.

Second, he made Rep. Susan Lynn into even more of a victim in this case.

Kelsey should resign. Fellow Republicans should force him to do so, or the Democratic leadership will use this reprehensible incident to solidify their power.

The Republican leadership must show it is different from the Democratic one. If it doesn't, then Tennesseans would be better to stay with the evil they know than another evil to come.

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