Saturday, January 24, 2009

Gun sales surge over economic fears; be careful

"I have never seen people more afraid," the gun owner told CBS News.

They fear rioting in the street if banks run out of money. And so people feel they will have to defend themselves, the gun owner said.

Gun sales nationally are up 42 percent and 24 percent the past two months.

One first-time buyer said he just wanted to feel comfortable and know the gun was there if he needed it.

I have no problem whatsoever with people exercising their Second Amendment rights. I just hope they take the needed training to prevent accidents and lock up the gun if it is in the house.

How many guns are there in this nation? CBS estimated 250 million.

So be careful out there and even in your neigborhood. Stay in at night and don't aggressively approach anyone. He or she will be armed, and fearful.

Those charactertistics make for a lethal encounter waiting to happen.

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