Thursday, January 29, 2009

Latest stats: 50 subscribers and 25 hits an hour

This political and social blog site now has 50 subscribers and more than 600 hits per day, according to the latest stats from Feedburner.

A lot of credit goes to publisher Derby Jones and his Williamson Herald newspaper which invited me back to write a political newspaper column when no print outlet in Nashville wanted me. It seems print journalism there is of too high quality and standards too lofty for someone such as me.

And now my newspaper column has spread to Gallatin-Hendersonville where I have many friends, particularly military families.

Yesterday, I was featured with state Sen. Diane Black and children and teachers from Bethpage Elementary School in The Observer in Westmoreland, TN. Bethpage is a good news story about public education that works, Black is a fine lawmaker and I was happy to contribute computers to the school.

Smart boards and two laptops are coming in two weeks.

I am humbled by Derby's confidence in me when no one else would give me a chance --after The Tennessean took my job away after I applied to return during my continuing fight with leukemia. And Derby has helped me expand my reach now to north of Nashville.

You really don't know who you friends are until you are down. I now know. And I appreciate all of you out there who have taken this blog to its first, important reader milestone after its debut last May.

This blog is meant to give you a different, more timely and thoughtful look at the news, one centered on your needs and not the bias out of Nashville's print outlets. They don't give a damn about what you want to read or what is important in your lives -- particularly your values. They only want to push their agenda, which rightly and increasingly is pushing them into oblivion.

This blog is very healthy. I bought its registration and write it out of love for my craft and the people of Tennessee -- who deserve so much more than they are getting from the print media of Nashville.

So I'll be increasingly working and writing in the loop counties where I have a lot of friends and where the growth is. But I'll be keeping my eyes on Naifeh and his puppet Speaker in Nashville and a governor who is so out of touch with real Tennesseans and any clear sense of humanity.

Thank you for helping this daily blog to this first milestone of many to come in serving you.

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