Saturday, January 31, 2009

Bowel Movements(BMs) of the Month: So many BMs in January for Nashville and Tennessee

No. 1: State Rep. Brian Kelsey, Republican, Germantown, TN -- this guy tried to extort a committee chairmansip from puppet House Speaker Kent Williams. He brought an ethics complaint against the Speaker for sexual harassment. The allegation from Rep. Susan Lynn has merit to be further investigated by the House Ethics Committee.

But Kelsey used his appeal to the committee to try and get a chairmanship with text messaging. He should resign his seat immediately. House Republican leadership should disown him and force him out. If it doesn't, then it is no better than the corrupt Democrats.

No. 2: Outgoing Now Staying House Speaker Jimmy Naifeh, Democrat, Convington -- he engineered a way to keep power by getting Republican unknown Kent Williams to be his puppet. Williams voted with 49 Democrats to become speaker. Democrats were ready the following day to introduce a resolution making Naifeh "Speaker Emeritus" with unquantified powers. It has been delayed. But watch out.

No. 3: Puppet Speaker Kent Williams, Republican -- hours before the vote on the speaker's job, the unknown from east Tennessee looked his fellow Republicans in the eye and said he would vote for Rep. Jason Mumpower as speaker. Then he became Naifeh's stooge. Williams also had earlier signed a pledge to vote for Mumpower.

No. 4: Davidson County Sheriff Daron Hall -- his racism was confirmed with the revelation that he was the guest speaker for a local White supremacist group. Hall is the only politician stupid and racist enough to speak to the group. The sheriff is the architect of the heinous 287g deportation program that was sold to the public based on lies of only going after undocumented human beings with criminal records. Hall still has the support of Mayor Karl Dean and Congressman Jim Cooper, also Democrats as the sheriff.

No. 5: Councilman Eric Crafton -- public records showed that his anti-immigrant EnglishOnly referendum was almost totally financed by a Virginia anti-immigrant group. Home-grown hate is one thing. Transporting it into Nashville is reprehensible and disgusting.

No. 6: Auto dealer Lee Beaman -- Nashville's most prominent seller of new autos was the major local contributor in support of the EnglishOnly referendum, but cheaply at less than $10,000. I wonder how many people speaking Spanish he refuses to sell cars to? His dealerships should be boycotted by people who favor a more tolerant Nashville.

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