Saturday, January 24, 2009

Do you want Gitmo detainees in your community?

The Obama administration and Democratic Party now face a very embarrassing and troubling predicament with the president's executive order to close Gitmo.

Where on American soil do you put these terrorists, who statistics show that almost every one of them after being released returns to terrorism?

My cousin in Topeka was outraged when talk surfaced that the terrorists were to be housed in her community. And rightly so. If these guys escape, the people there are the first victims in a hostage or whatever situation. If they are located there, then their support system of terrorism supporters in this country will move into the neighborhood.

No Democratic congressional representative last week offered their district for the detainees. Meanwhile Republicans were saying they did not want the men in their district, and rightly so, and questioned the new president's wisdom.

Sometimes idealism gets ahead of reality. And this reality is quite deadly. Perhaps the best place to locate the terrorists is on the grounds of the home of the man who made this decision. House the Gitmo terrorists on the grounds of the White House.

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