Monday, January 26, 2009

Ben Hall, NewsChannel 5 Investigates force re-opening of homicide that left veteran dead

Kudos to journalist Ben Hall and NewsChannel 5 for tonight's investigative report on Metro Police's botching of an investigation in the death of a veteran shot to death by a security guard in a Trinity Lane truck stop parking lot.

Metro closed the case and excused the security guard who said he fired a single shot into Tim Alumbaugh(correction made thanks to reader) in a scuffle. The guard said the vet was on top of him, yet the guard had no blood on him.

Truck drivers witnessed the shooting, yet the police never interviewed the truckers.

Now Hall and NewsChannel 5, after listening to the beleaguered mother, have forced Metro to reopen the case and talk to the drivers. Tomorrow night, Hall's second report provides what the drivers say, which is opposite to what the security guard and Metro Police claim.

Again, NewsChannel 5 proved itself to be the top provider of information in the Midstate and its sole watchdog of government. This is public service journalism at its best, and why the station swept the local Emmys on Saturday.

And the police prove themselves in need of a civilian review board. This kind of wrong is not new. The Rev. Enoch Fuzz has repeatedly complained of the same for north Nashville residents.

That doesn't mean most police do a good job. But when homicides are excused as apparently in this case, then justice is denied, and that affects us all. One day, we may in the same situation with a loved one or ourselves.

When will a Nashville leader, such as the mayor, take the obvious step and bring a police civilian review board to a supposed progressive city? That would take courage and integrity. I'm not sure the mayor possesses either.

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Anonymous said...

A very well written comment. Only one thing I found wrong and that is the young man's name is Tim Alumbaugh. His mothers name is Rosson. But you are exactly right in what you have written here What bothered me what the young man who fired the shot showed very little remorse. He admitted that he pulled his gun and quickly fired a single shot into Alumbaugh's chest. Wow, is that wreckless or what? He also stated that he had no power to arrest then why does he have the power to carry a handgun? Hearing the 911 call definately made we wonder just what the heck metro is doing. I can completly understand that mothers broken heart and frustration and I hope the citizens of Nashville demand answers. We all know the Police Chief, Mayor and D.A. are elected officials and I plan to remember that at the next election.