Wednesday, January 21, 2009

CBO says President Obama's economic stimulus plan won't have full impact for 10 years; House GOP wants meeting with Obama next week

As a sign that that the federal economic stimulus plan will not pass anytime soon, the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office released a study showing that President Obama's plan would not produce the needed immediate impact.

Accordingly, FOXNEWS reported, House Republicans have asked for a meeting with Obama. And he has agreed to hear their stimulus ideas next week.

The CBO study found that only $136 billion of the proposed $350 billion in spending to create jobs would be completed in the first two fiscal years. And each job created by plan would cost $223,000, one congressman found, said FOXNEWS' Britt Hume.

The surprising study shows that any plan will not be approved for some time. And governors like Tennessee's Phil Bredesen waiting to deal with their state fiscal problems waiting for the Obama plan are only fooling themselves and delaying the difficult truth to taxpayers.

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