Tuesday, January 27, 2009

New rural education initiative unveiled; Bethpage Elementary first to receive technology edge

The soon-to-created Vita Hernandez Chavez/Our Lady of Guadalupe Charitable Trust made its first mark in Middle Tennessee with the contribution of new computers and line printers yesterday to third grade classrooms at Bethpage Elementary School in Sumner County.

The trust has initiated a rural education initiative this year for schools in Nashville's loop counties to bring the latest technology to classrooms.

Bethpage's three third grade classes will be receiving three Smart boards and projectors, along with laptop computers for the teachers to program the teaching tool from their desks.

State Sen. Diane Black was on hand yesterday for the unveiling of the initiative in her district that was purposely made as a surprise to the three classrooms and their teachers.

Black, one of the best lawmakers I've covered in my career, spoke to the students about public education and how there is not enough money from government to meet all the needs. That is why private efforts such as the trust initiative are so important, she told the students.

Dell Computer will become the vendor of choice for the initiative.

Rural schools are invited to apply for consideration of what hopefully will become a private investment of more than $50,000 in rural classrooms.

Often, rural schools are overlooked in news media coverage in favor of urban schools and their problems.

Bethpage, however, is a top performer in TCAP testing despite limited resources but with tremendous community suppport. The good news from this school will be reported in future blogs in this column as the relationship between the trust and the school grows.

The trust, directed by me, is dedicated to my late mother who gave me life and direction into political writing and Our Lady of Guadalupe who intervened with God to save my life when I hovered near death from leukemia in Vanderbilt Medical Center.

All inquires from schools should be sent to timchavez787@yahoo.com.


Bill Johnson said...

Thanks again for your generous donations. The 3 third grade teachers were in tears after you left our school. May God continue to bless you and keep you safe.
Bill Johnson - Principal

David said...

God Bless you Tim for your insight and actions to help meet the needs of rural schools in middle TN.
David Woodard - resident

Anonymous said...

Thank you sir,
Our smaller, community schools need our help and yours will go a long way. May God remember our deeds. God Bless

Rick Clark
Bethpage Tn

Anonymous said...

Tim, Thanks for all your generosity.It's nice to hear the smaller schools finally getting some long deserved help.Thanks again. Sincerely, Mark Koerselman

Anonymous said...

As the mother of two of those third grade students, I thank you for your kind actions.

Dawn Scott
Bethpage, TN