Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Rep. Mike Turner is disgustingly representative of the corruption infesting the People's House

WKRN Channel 2 this afternoon showed the most disgusting video I have seen for quite a while from what should by The People's House ... Legislative Plaza.

Rep. Mike Turner placed the blame on the hospitalization of Rep. Susan Lynn this morning on the man taking up her cause and honor today before the House Ethics Committee -- which is a gross contradiction in terms.

Rep. Brian Kelsey tried to bring the alleged sexual harassment of Lynn by the current House Speaker before the committee. But it rejected the matter, saying the complaint was not the proper venue.

That's simply a dodge. It indeed is matter for the committee. But ethics don't matter in The People's House.

Lynn did not want her complaint against Kent Williams made public. It was two years ago. And witnesses say he apologized for his lack of class. But now the man made Speaker by Jimmy Naifeh denies the allegation. It is sickening.

Stress forced Lynn's hospitalization, and she underwent medical tests. Women can have heart attacks and die. It is a higher cause of death for them than breast cancer.

Turner, however, showed his extreme lack of class and entrenchment in the corrupt nature of the Naifeh Machine by claiming Kelsey was the cause of her hospitalization.

Turner -- who also is an anti-immigrant legislation sponsor -- is an embarrassment to the Democratic Party ... and what should be The People's House.

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