Friday, January 30, 2009

Choice Act increasingly is doomed and rightly so

Opposition continues to grow at what is called the Choice Act, legislation that proponents say will help workers to organize into unions but what opponents including former Sen. George McGovern calls the worst legislation he has ever seen.

The legislation is very partisan and designed to reward labor unions that supported President Obama's election and even former President Jimmy Carter has spoken negatively about the measure.

The legislation takes away from the very American concept of the secret ballot in elections. McGovern has become a very vocal opponent of the legislation, much to the chagrin of liberals.

Obama has promised to sign the legislation. But with the problems he has already had with his stimulus plan and the united GOP vote against it in the House, Obama politically will not want the legislation to move forward. It will make the Republicans even more stronger as a unified force.

The Choice Act does even deserve to be brought up before Congress. If it is, then the Democrats risk being outed as being servants of the special interests that Obama claimed he was elected to fight.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Tim,
I fear that this will be tabled for now but buried in some other form in another bill in the next two years..
This President has vowed transparency, but not this Congress.