Friday, January 16, 2009

As Democrats laugh, many Tennesseans steam; threats, security increase at Legislative Plaza


For a day that lawmakers were not at Legislative Plaza, the thug-acting state trooper at the main gate in what is supposed to be the People's House gave me the third degree as to what my business was at the Statehouse, who I was going to see and if I had an appointment.

I told the goose-stepper that it was none of his business. I told him I was a member of the press, but more I was a taxpayer of the state. He had no right to question me like that. He disagreed, so we had a very vocal argument. I left him with a promise that I would make sure he treats no other Tennessean like that again.

I later learned, however, what MAY have been behind his shakedown. In the wake of Jimmy Naifeh's power grab and the election of a puppet replacement, some Tennesseans who believe in the power and sanctity of the ballot box have called in threats to Legislative Plaza, several staffers tell me.

There is a heightened security alert at Legislative Plaza.

I don't condone such threats. And the staffers said they appreciated the heightened protection. But I can understand why people are upset.

And if they knew how much Tennessee Democratic leaders and notables are laughing at them, they'd be even angrier. Democrats have adopted the title of "The Music City Miracle" to salute their shenanigans. Good for them. They've won for the moment as Tennessee turns even more to the right. Just wait until 2010.

Yet regular citizens of this state without title must not be treated like cattle and threats when they come to their house. They pay for it. And they pay for the salary of the thug-like state trooper on duty late Friday afternoon.

He forgot, as do most lawmakers on Capitol Hill, that the People's House belongs to the people first.

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ivarussell said...

Amen Brother! Glad to have you back (and that I found you again), you have definitely been missed by this reader. God has given you a beautiful voice.