Saturday, January 3, 2009

The Lion of Tennessee comes out against English Only in Nashville; now it will go down to defeat

The most courageous voice in Tennessee -- which just happens to be that of an African-American minister and civic leader in Nashville -- has come out against the English Only referendum now being considered in early voting.

The following statement from the Rev. Enoch Fuzz -- the prime mover behind a new political model across racial, religious, class and political divides -- is an important message to the African-American electorate of Nashville. In the words of soon-to-be President Barack Obama, "these are not red states, or the blue states, but the UNITED States of America."

So now you know why Fuzz is organizing the largest inaugural ball outside of Washington, D.C., to honor the 44th president of the United States. And why its success is most important.

This heroic defense of our Hispanic and immigrant brothers and sisters can now turn the tide against this most divisive, senseless and expensive initiative($350,000 cost to taxpayers).

But enough of me. Here is a message from the Lion of Tennessee. Hear him roar.

Jesus spoke several languages as did the people of his day; greek classical. greek koine, latin, aramaic, hebrew, egyptian, and many others were spoken in a cosmopolitan civilized culture like the knowledge loving people of Greece and the legacy of Alexander the Great.

I know for a fact not just faith that Jesus Christ would Vote. And He'd vote against the English only law. He would also show lots of love to those who are in favor of it.

Show some love Nashville Christian church-goers and Vote. First commit to vote. Then vote No.

Nashville should promote all the world's languages. We are the Athens of America's South. Nashville is a highly learned metropolis; the Jerusalem of the Western World and Vatican of Protestant Christianity. We are the friendliest city in America and that is a value that will pay huge dividends to a city united.

All the worlds highways should lead to our city for the answers so needed to cure things that go wrong, and to advise, create or invent solutions for bettering humanity. Nashville produce world class scholars, politicians, scientists, not to mention the miracles of music and song birthed right here and heralded worldwide.
It may cost more to embrace many languages, but find the opportunities to make that investment a valuable asset.

Think the possibilities for our city of many tongues. Most dumb Americans like me only master the English speech, while most other countries speak several. Every American Nashville resident ought to take the hobby and fun of learning one more world language. Parle' vous francais.

The Rev. Enoch Fuzz
Corinthian Baptist Church
819 33rd Avenue N. 37209

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