Saturday, January 17, 2009

Media build-up of Obama only ensures great fall

Members of the nation's news media are going out their way to promote and build up the presidency of Barack Obama as if he is rock star and savior.

But the incoming president already knows, and has been trying to tell the public, that things are going to get worse. And the worse days are going to last years.

But the media, as always, aren't listening. And the first people who will jump on Obama will be members of the media. Because they are most interested in ratings and profits first.

The truth that Obama does not even want to say is that this nation will not return to its past economic greatness. Prosperity will have to be shared with China, the next great consumer nation, and India, the possessors of this world's greatest intellect.

Yesterday, 45,000 jobs were eliminated across the country through public announcement. The number privately done is unknown. Public sector layoffs are to come next month. Tennessee's governor has said he'll cut 2,000 jobs to help close a billion-dollar deficit.

So the opium being fed to the American masses is a most unhealthy one. Hope is one thing. But the acknowledgement of reality must also come. Remember that Lincoln would have lost in 1864 if not for Grant's successes and victories.

And when the people realize how bad things are and will stay for quite some time, the media will be the first to jump on him and his presidency.

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