Friday, January 9, 2009

Obese Americans now largest segment of society: 'We've met the enemy, it is us' -- Pogo

When we view threats to our well-being, terrorists and the economy come to mind.

But our biggest worry should be ourselves and our bad habit of putting too much into our mouths too frequently.

In shocking numbers reported by Reuters and taken from compilations three years ago, obese Americans now make up the largest segment of our society. Obese and overweight Americans make up more than two-thirds of our nation's citizens. Then add another 6 percent for really obese Americans.

I cannot emphasize how shocking these numbers are and how reflective they are of an epidemic that is keeping health care costs high, mushrooming new cases of diabetes and leaving emergency rooms filled.

Now with obese Americans with little income, a lot of foods they can afford are not the healthiest. These foods often contain more calories and carbohydrates. But the rest of us -- excluding me and the Rev. Enoch Fuzz -- are frequenting too many buffets and ordering too many pizzas. Fuzz is so thin he makes most drinking straws seem fat.

We're killing ourselves and dooming our children for simply something to put in our mouths. Shameful.

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