Friday, January 9, 2009

State sales tax collections fell 10% in November; budget crisis widens, Bredesen will lead by fear

New numbers out today from the state of Tennessee show that states sales tax collections fell a record 10 percent in November, as consumers cut back on spending.

Bredesen has delayed his State of the State adress until February, hoping that President Obama's stimulus plan will ride to some rescue. Opposition, however, continues to rise from liberals and conservatives about Obama's plan. Columnist David Brooks on the right says the plan is too complicated; Nobel Prize winner Paul Krugman says it is not big enough.

Thus, any stimulus will not be passed for four months at least.

That will direct a fearful governor to cut spending on the backs of the most vulnerable in Tennessee, including TennCare recipients and laid-off homeowners, leaving deep scars that will kill some Tennesseans, literally.

Indeed, Bredesen is running government like a business. Enron. And being a Democrat in Tennessee means virtually nothing when it comes to principles defended and people protected.

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