Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Today we are all Americans; tonight in Nashville, barriers between people fall at inaugural ball

My fellow Hispanic bloggers have been very critical of things of late, complaining about the Bush administration and what the Obama administration must do for Latinos and immigrants.

They are missing an important point and trend of social change in this nation. Today and for the foreseeable future, we are all Americans, putting our specific agendas aside for a national one. And the spirit of unity is needed to take this nation through a tough road ahead.

President-elect Obama has been busy in making this message, even holding a dinner to honor Sen. John McCain last night. Hispanic bloggers risk alienating themselves to the powers that be as a whining voice, and they will be ignored in the new political power structure and attitude.

His inaugural address will call upon a national unity none of us have ever known. And that must be our mission, not a Hispanic one.

Toward that goal tonight in Nashville, we are holding an inaugural ball meant to build that unity and produce a host of service projects. We know we must be about saving ourselves here in Nashville, because Obama has more than enough on his plate. We will have as many Republicans as Democrats at the ball. That is on purpose. It is time for unity now. Special interest politics must be set aside.

If you'd like to be part of this movement, call and buy a ticket for tonight's ball here at (615) 569-3010.

There is too much suffering ongoing across this nation for one group to continue to push its own problems above those of the nation. Hispanic bloggers should realize this truth.

We have in Nashville.

And President Obama has in Washington, D.C.

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