Sunday, January 18, 2009

What will Maureen Dowd write about now?; why is Gwen Ifill promoting her conflict of interest?

The most popular read item on The New York Times website is another whining column by Maureen Dowd about the Bush administration.

This time, by the headline, the president is not doing anything right in how he is leaving office.

Get this woman a hobby or something. For certain, find her something else to write about. With Bush out of office, what other subject matter will she have left?

Meanwhile, PBS' Gwen Ifill is being allowed to peddle her book on national television about Obama while still covering the guy as a journalist. Her appearance on David Letterman was sickening.

Why is she allowed to completely ignore conflict of interest ethics? Probably the same reason that Dowd is allowed to always whine about Bush.

Liberal bias is killing the media. Have there not been enough layoffs in the media to convince its decisionmakers?

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