Monday, January 19, 2009

When Sgt. Zachary Ross comes marching home, hurrah, hurrah; let's give him a hearty welcome

Rightly so, Marine Sgt. Zachary Ross -- headed to his fifth tour of duty in the war on terror -- believes most Americans have quit being appreciative of the sacrifice of himself, his Marine wife and his comrades.

Sgt. Ross has humbled me by calling me a friend. So in small return, I have flown him from Camp Pendleton to see his momma and to be honored at tomorrow night's Music City USA Inaugural Presidential Charity Ball.

Zach is a graduate of East Magnet Literature School and a Nashville native. He has been in the Marines for six years, enlisting after high school. He is not the stereotype promoted by comedian Bill Maher and Sen. John Kerry that people who go into the military do so because they did not receive a good education.

Zach has incredible memorization skills and is sharp at a tack. More, he returns to the war on terror in putting life on the line in combat because he knows how to bring his men back home alive. Know one knows how to do it better. That's takes incredible intelligence and integrity.

And that is why there is a high re-enlistment rate in the war on terror.

Zach is a leader, and his other Marine unit leaders are devoted to their nation and the men under them. Semper Fi ... always faithful. They defy the world's standards that too often put self first. They are the men and women that President Barack Obama wants the rest of us to come.

But that will be very hard. I noticed even when I lived in Williamson County last November that my home was the only one flying the American flag out front on my street. The flags must emerge again.

And so must our respect to the men and woman in uniform such as Sgt. Zachary Ross of Nashville, who will honored tomorrow night after too long being ignored.

You can join the people saluting Sgt. Ross, 44 members of the 101st Airborne and their spouses and three Gold Star families who lost their sons in the war on terror. Contact me for tickets at or (615) 512-8209.

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