Thursday, October 30, 2008

AP takes apart Obama informercial and all its spin

The Associated Press issued a strong analysis this morning taking apart Sen. Barack Obama's informercial for making promises that future budget woes will not allow him to keep.

AP deconstructed his rhetoric from his tax cuts to his health care. It also cited a coming budget deficit of $1 trillion that Obama still has not addressed with specific spending cuts he'd make.

In one pointed line, AP cited Obama's belief that everyone deserves health care while his plan does not guarantee health care to everyone. That was the point Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton was trying to make in the Democratic primaries.

It seems that Obama's rhetoric has caught up with him and reality, at least with AP. The five days remaining until Americans vote may become a lifetime of woe for his campaign as more polls show the race tightening.

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Anonymous said...

Obama is more in this race to make history and to satisfy his own craving for power than he is for helping Americans. All of his so called promises are going to be short lived if he some how becomes President. Remember, he's a politician and a relatively new one at that. Everyone should be very wary of his true plans and the direction towards socializing America, if he gains office.