Friday, October 31, 2008

Obama campaign right to throw papers off plane

FOXNEWS and the Drudge Report -- conservative news outlets -- are trying to make an issue out of the Obama campaign throwing off three newspapers from its campaign press plane in the last days before Tuesday's vote.

The Dallas Morning News, New York Post and The Washington Times have allowed the conservative ideology on their editorial pages to creep onto their news pages. All three newspapers endorsed McCain for president. The Morning News in particular is a mouthpiece for the conservative establishment.

The only liberal, Hispanic voice on its editorial page was removed from her position and political column last year. Macarena Hernandez asked to be removed, her bosses say, for a reporting job. I don't believe it. They pushed her out, friends say.

This afternoon, a reporter for the Morning News claimed his employer is a national and regional newspaper of importance. It no longer is, with continuing layoffs.

The Obama campaign made the right move to create more room for other journos to chronicle this historical campaign. And FOX and Drudge can complain about all they want ... all the way to an Obama White House.

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Anonymous said...

This sounds very much like censorship or an act of eliminating those that may not have the liberal point of view. In Obama world this type of action will happen on a much wider scale until any negative word spoken about Obama or the government will be grounds for arrest and re-education. When the government under Obama takes over the media or controls what, and what not, can be released to the public, we will know for sure that socialism has come to America.