Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Hispanics know a lot about politics, too; we're concerned about more than only immigration

Finally, the American people got to hear a Hispanic voice and she a Hispanic face speaking on presidential politics on one of the major TV networks.

Maria Teresa Petersen tonight on CNN's Andersen Cooper 360 outdid David Gergen and Gloria Borger in providing balanced and insightful analysis of the presidential race with 144 hours to go.

The founder and executive director for VotoLatino, a grassroots group registering Americans of Hispanic descent to vote, provided welcome relief on an outlet for the supposed mainstream media addicted to the same old faces and races.

And despite Gergen and Borger trying to interrupt her about people they really know nothing about, Petersen crafted more sensible conclusions about Hispanic voters that were more indicative of our independent nature. You do something wrong to us, and we then respond. But we're not dedicated to any coalition, person and party without reason.

Now if we could only get George Stephanopolous on his ABC-TV's This Week political show to recognize that Hispanics such as Petersen and professor Roberto Lavato have something intelligent and insightful to say on his roundtable portion of experts.

I have yet to see a Hispanic journalist or analyst on his roundtable segment. And when I tried to ask him and ABC News about the reason why, they never got back to me.

I hope Ms. Petersen will show George what his show and viewers are missing in not hearing more from the nation's largest minority group.

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