Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Why does the law allow felon Stevens to still run?

I don't understand.

Why does the law allow convicted felon and U.S. Sen. Ted Stevens to still run for re-election while convicted felons getting out of prison are not even allowed to vote?

It does not make sense. Votes for Stevens to put him back in the Senate for another term should not count. The man was convicted of seven felonies for the base corruption of accepting freebies from lobbyists that included grand renovations to his home.

Yet people who have paid their debt to society are not even allowed to vote.

Stevens has yet to be sentenced. And if he goes to prison, his ability to serve would be compromised. But if felons can't vote, they should not be allowed to run for office either.

The law should be changed to reflect simply consistency. Let ex-felons vote.

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