Wednesday, October 22, 2008

See the Joe the Plumber fashion line this morning; Marsha, Marsha, Marsha! Blackburn shares a lot with Palin in saying one thing and doing the other

Joe the Plumber will unveil his new campaign fashion line this morning in response to the revelation that the Republican National Committee spent $150,000 on new clothes for Gov. Sarah Palin and her family.

The cost for his line -- accentuated with jeans that dip low to show the person's crack to the whole wide world -- will be substantially less than Palin's tab and be available at any clothes drop-off point for charity.

In all seriousness, however, the fallout from the revelation about Palin on Politico.Com is growing this morning as GOP spinmeisters are unable to produce one revolution on this outrageous behavior.

For instance on Morning Joe on MSNBC, one viewer wrote in and spoke of her family's plight in raising children and running a household in which the primary breadwinner didn't get a raise this year. And Palin's extravagance has left the woman feeling betrayed because the governor has said she is a regular person who knows the challenges such regular folks face.


Along with the AP investigation uncovering her extravagant daycare for her children at taxpayer expense, it plain to see that Palin has been living a beauty queen life of free passes and long stares.

She deserves much more derision from the people and the press than what she has received so far in the campaign.

Palin reminds me a lot of local congressperson Marsha Blackburn. The Alaska governor is long on talk but her actions betray her. But check out Blackburn. She used campaign funds from the people to enrich her daughter's business, then failed to obey the law for years in reporting all her campaign funding to the FEC.

Yet Blackburn says she knows the proper way for government to be run and what you're facing. Would you use money given by others for you to be a good representative in Congress to boost the business of your child at home?

Blackburn can't even run her campaign correctly! This is bullshit times two.

It sure seems that the GOP looks for pretty faces and women with blonde hair and blue eyes to be successful candidates first, not the best officeholders for the people. Even in the news media, FOXNEWS' Bill O'Reilly does the same, featuring dueling blondes with blue eyes on a debate segment each night. Who knew this law and order conservative cared so much for the men in the nation's prison system.

For me, I prefer a tougher looking but much more honest (and less expensively dressed) Sen. Barbara Milkulsli of Maryland. First, she doesn't stand any taller than Joe the Plumber's crack. Second, she has more time for her constituents, because the senator does not have to waste time matching colors in Saks Fifth Avenue.

In these last two weeks of the presidential race, polls now are showing Sen. Obama surging to a double-digit lead. After more people learn about Palin's expensive lifestyle and the GOP's penchant for image over substance in its candidates, Sen. McCain may view today's punitive polling numbers as the good ol' days.

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