Friday, October 24, 2008

Who has the best plan to turn around Wall Street? It's McCain in buying up bad home mortgages

There are three people I trust when watching CNBC.

Mark Haines.

Rick Santelli.

And now Dylan Radigan.

He says that the stock market will not recover until the debt problem is resolved in this nation. And that problem is currently contained in home mortgages and foreclosures. That's also where most of the suffering is on Main Street.

Of the presidential candidates, only Sen. John McCain has a plan to buy up those mortgages held by American citizens. As far as immediate economic relief, McCain is offering the best hope.

I've endorsed Sen. Obama for president for what the nation faces in the future, not now. I also like his tax plan to give relief to the middle class. They'll need that money next year.

But for what ails the stock market and the economy now, McCain is the best candidate with his loan buyback plan. If McCain wins Nov. 4, he will bring hope, too.

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