Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Polls, what are they good for? Absolutely nothing, say it again; Obama up by only 2% over McCain

A new Gallup tracking poll says Sen. Barack Obama holds only a 2-percentage-point lead over Sen. John McCain with six days left before voting.

In addition, pollster John Zogby today put the margin between the candidates at 4 percentage points. Meanwhile, polls for individual states still show Obama winning by a landslide of more than 300 electoral votes.

So who is right? It's hard to say. Polls can say some crazy things. The Tennessean on Sunday said the race in Middle Tennessee was tied. That's ridiculous. McCain is going to sweep the Midstate except for Davidson County.

So who is going to win Nov. 4? I think it will be Obama. But a stock market surging upward doesn't help him, and an international crisis or another stupid comment by Joe Biden could boost McCain into the presidency.

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