Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Gun purchases rising sharply in Nashville

NewsChannel 5 had an interesting social and economic piece tonight about gun sales rising sharply in Nashville.

The gun shop owner interviewed said that firearm sales usually rise sharply during economic downturns due to escalating crime and fear. The report showed that the gun purchases are multi-racial. An African-American couple was shown buying a gun.

Rising crime due to desperation is a tragic ripple effect from recession and massive budget cuts to come by Nashville and state leaders.

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Anonymous said...

This is happening all over the country and has more to do with the possibility of an Obama Presidency than to do with the economic down turn. Win or lose, there will be riots in most major cities after the election. If Obama looses, it will be because of the bad white racists that didn't vote for Obama. If Obama wins, the riots will resemble those that take place to celebrate a team winning a major sporting event. Either way, be prepared for action by the National Guard and possibily straight out martial law.