Saturday, October 25, 2008

Want to add 14 more hours to your life each year?

If you added up all the time you waste waiting for your computer to load at home and work, it would be equal to about 14 hours a year.

Now some folks turn on the computer and then walk off to do something else. Some of us just turn our attention to the television or our pet. Too many of us, however, just sit there stressed out, watching the machine load everything from anti-virus software to Microsoft Office. And it always seems to take longer each time.

Sensing our stress in a a very stressful time economically and culturally, computer markers now are preparing to unveil machines that take only 30 seconds to load and then be ready for e-mail and other uses.

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But there is a down side. Bosses will be expecting you to use that extra time to do even more work than you are supposed to. Your pet may get real lonely and take it out on you by having an accident on the carpet.

Such is the price of progress. And saving time in our fast-lives is a real gift to cherish. Come brave, new world!

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