Sunday, October 26, 2008

BREAKING NEWS: U.S. bombs Syrian villages

Just when we were told that things are calming down in Iraq, U.S. helicopters today have raided, bombed and killed civilians in a village in Syria, state TV there reports along with eyewitnesses.

The implications for U.S. foreign policy are bad. Bombing another country without provocation -- even if the villages are along the Iraqi border -- just damages the image of this nation even more.

Stay tuned to this blog for further updates.

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Marty said...

The U.S. needs to be accountable for its actions. This is appalling to say the least. We teach our children to behave and to work things out as best as they can. Adults in high places need to be set straight. No one can feel safe with the U.S. continuing to be "trigger happy." What do the Congressmen and the Senate have to say about this??? Who makes these decisions? We, as citizens and tax payers need to know our voices are heard. Shame on the U. S. government!
Signed, Martha J. Collins, Ohio