Thursday, October 30, 2008

Don't drink Kudlow Kool-Aid; keep money in cash

CNBC's Larry Kudlow continues to shamelessly encourage viewers to put their money into the market, claiming the bull is preparing to charge the bear off Wall Street.

He's wrong. The current upturn is due to a bunch of daytraders making a quick profit. But today's GDP numbers showed the future for this nation and the markets.

Consumer spending was way down, signaling people are pulling back their spending because:

1) They've lost their jobs;

2) They're going to lose their jobs;

3) They've lost half of their savings in the stock market;

4) Their home is being foreclosed;

5) They're cutting back on spending to prepare for hard times;

6) Or a combination of some of the above.

Even CNBC Crazy Cramer is telling people to get into Walmart. Don't. Christmas sales will send the stock downward as people buy less then, too. Remember, he previously had two Wall Street fatcats on his show before all the bailouts saying their companies were great for investment. And Cramer did speak a negative word.

Then, their companies failed.

Please, keep your money in cash, just like Dallas Mavericks' billionaire owner Mark Cuban. And if you've got money in the market, get it out tomorrow before the Dow starts is way down to 6300.

Most of all, don't watch CNBC from 6-7 p.m. when Kudlow is peddling his Kool-Aid.

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