Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Issues for Americans of Hispanic descent deserve more than a brief spot on CNN's Larry King

So now the supposed mainstream news media has gotten back around to considering American voters of Hispanic descent worthy of their time.

While it one could say better late than never with only seven days before a nation votes for president, the media's last respite of respect to Latinos provides little time to examine issues of importance to us.

And adding insult to injury, again it is all white, elitist media folks and their favorite experts telling us tonight what we think and value.

I had to laugh as CNN's Larry King referred to our influence at the ballot box as the "Latin vote". Who knew we had such a connection to ancient Rome? When we say "hail Cesar", it has to do with "Chavez" not "Julius".

Immigration has disappeared as a campaign issue. While the economy and foreign policy mean most to us, too, the humane and fair treatment of people who look like our ancestors also is close to our hearts and consciences. Never forget where you came from, or where your grandparents came from to pursue the American Dream. We will always be grateful and vote accordingly.

Larry King featured CNN's chief political correspondent John King. I was with King on the 2004 campaign trail at a Kerry speech at a college south of Los Angeles. While I was prepping for a one-on-one interview with the candidate after his speech, King was busy stuffing his face along with the other media types at a huge spread laid out by the campaign.

The only thing Hispanic that King and the other political reporters were interested in was the chicken quesedillas next to the vegetarian lasagna. Nothing has changed in 2008.

Yes, the vote of Americans of Hispanic descent will determine which way Nevada goes. It is one of those critical swing states. But we deserve more attention -- as the largest collective group outside of white folks in this nation -- than one week before the most important presidential election in memory.

The change all of us are counting in Washington also needs to occur with the "supposed" mainstream news media.

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