Sunday, October 26, 2008

News-Sentinel reasonably comes out for McCain

The Knoxville News-Sentinel -- the best newspaper in Tennessee -- today endorsed Sen. John McCain for president.

The endorsement was well-written and quite moderate in nature. It gave Sen. Barack Obama a lot of credit. But in the end, this point is what swayed its endorsement:

The importance of maintaining the checks and balances of divided government is, in the end, the best argument for John McCain, and it is on this basis that he receives our endorsement. McCain, if he shakes loose the party shackles at the end of the campaign and fills the White House with his fierce independent spirit, can be a president that begins to bring this nation together. He will be forced to work in a bipartisan government, and that is what America needs now more than anything.

That's sound reasoning. The Memphis Commercial-Appeal and The Tennessean in Nashville endorsed Obama. The Tennessean, which likes to portray itself as a progressive, watchdog influence, is actually the opposite -- as is Nashville. Obama and the newspaper are exactly opposite when it comes to actual action behind the rhetoric.

To read more of what a reasonable endorsement sounds like, go to:

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Anonymous said...

Actually, this is not what was meant by the system of checks and balances. The systems of checks and balances refers to the powers invested in each of the branches of government. The people are part of that system.

Actually the founding fathers were opposed to ANY political parties as they felt they were divisive. The argument that the Executive branch should be a different party than Congress is nonsense. Having the Executive Branch be a different party is a recipe for deadlock--for once again not getting anything meaningful accomplished in Washington.

There are enough people within the democractic party who will argue on specific measures to insure that there will be open discussion. There is a need, however, to get somethings done. Having some overarching consensus on how to accomplish things like stimulating the economy while balancing the budget and working to eliminate the deficit that Bush racked up, immigration reform, and health care require a group of people who can work together. Hence, not dividing Washington is the answer.

Your endorsement of McCain is an effort to create legislative gridlock and an effort to prevent the changes this country needs.

A. Vitale