Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Gore honored in Memphis, calls fight against climate change similar to fight for civil rights

Former Vice President and Nobel Peace Prize winner Al Gore today equated the fight against climate change as synonymous to the need for courage and conviction during the civil rights movement.

Gore was honored in Memphis along with civil rights heroine Diane Nash, who challenged Nashville to recognize the dignity and rights of every human being in the 1960s.

Also today but in England, Prince Charles said that climate change was more important than the failing economy there and around the world when it comes to needed global action.

From Memphis, The Commercial Appeal reported:

Gore said Nash and the Civil Rights movement pioneers were bringing what Gandhi called the "truth force" that helped bring about then-unimaginable change.

That same sense of moral and spiritual urgency is now needed, Gore said, to help create the will necessary to bring about changes to avert what he described as a growing global catastrophe.

He said future generations would be asking one of two questions.

"Either they will look around at the devastation that was predicted and allowed to occur and ask, 'What were you thinking? Didn't you hear the scientists? Didn't you see?"

Or, Gore said, "I want them to ask, as we have the honor to ask Diane Nash, 'How did you find the moral courage ... to solve the crisis and bring about change people were saying was impossible?"

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