Sunday, October 26, 2008

Dems play dangerous with abortion, candidates

The New York Times reports that the Democratic National Committee is actively supporting and financing the candidacies of 12 anti-choice candidates in congressional races against Republicans.

Single-issue candidates are the problem in finding compromise that preserves the doctor/patient relationship first over politics and religion. To read that the DNC is now pushing such candidates leaves the issue even further from resolution or common ground that children saved in the womb must also be saved with government spending and programs every moment after birth.

Further, the support of such Democrats only ensures that the people of Matthew 25 will not be supported. And even if the House has an overwhelmingly Democratic majority in the new year, it will not be one dedicated to the national party ideals and initiatives.

Take it from someone who lives in the South. Democratic leaders here cut hundreds of thousands of people off Medicaid and promote punitive programs against immigrant human beings. They are more Republican than Democrat. Elected leaders in Tennessee from the governor on down don't even mention Sen. Barack Obama, except to criticize him for not spending more time in Walmart.

Bringing more of such Democrats to Washington does not ensure the promotion of Democratic Party ideals championed by the late great Bobby Kennedy or the change promised by Obama. These candidates ensure more division and lack of vision to lead this nation beyond greed first to people first and more.

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