Friday, October 31, 2008

Wall Street fatcats give most to Democrats

New research shows financial contributions from Wall Street fatcats have overwhelmingly benefited Democratic candidates despite claims by presidential nominee Barack Obama that he is going to change business as usual in Washington.

Of executives at the top Wall Street firms, Democrats received $6 million more in campaign contributions than Republicans. And now you know why all the bailout plans made it through a Congress controlled by Democrats. Bailout legislation ultimately had no teeth to stop these executives from still paying bonuses to one another, cutting back on exorbitant salaries or requiring the firing of these executives who made the wrong decisions.

If that happened, then these executives would not be able to give as much to the Democratic leadership in both congressional houses and to Obama.

And now you know why Democratic governors are now clamoring for you the taxpayers to bail out GM and Chrysler executives with $10 billion. These governors are not asking that these executives who made the wrong decisions to be fired either.

The hypocrisy is sickening. Democrats claim they are better than Republicans when it comes to looking out for the small guy and gal. Statistics show otherwise.

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