Thursday, October 30, 2008

Limbaugh is true believer in his idiocy, but he remains very popular and a cat lover, too

The Telegraph of London, a newspaper once owned by a rich conservative now imprisoned for fraud, compiled an impressive profile of the extremely popular and wealthy Rush Limbaugh.

Limbaugh allowed the interview and access to kingdom because the rich guy once was his neighbor before donning the latest in prison wear.

I don't listen to the Duke of the Dittoheads, because he does not encourage people to think, just follow his dictums. He is a very talented entertainer. But just like comedian Bill Maher or other left-wingers, I really don't see what makes Limbaugh qualified to be an opinion-maker on the right. He is a college dropout, finishing just one year of school to spite his father.

Limbaugh's chief experience is being a radio DJ. But I never thought Wolfman Jack should appear on Meet the Press.

The thing that bothers me most about Limbaugh and his counterparts on the left are the poverty of their experiences. They just talk to people who agree with them and live inside the Beltway or their beachfront mansions.

The following quote from Limbaugh is most bothersome. The talk show host claims he is tired of hyphenated Americans, a.k.a people of color. Beginning with father and my eight uncles who fought for their nation in WWII, they wanted to be nothing but Americans.

But white Americans such as Limbaugh would not allow them to be. They returned from fighting Hitler, Mussolini and Tojo to fight Bull Connor, Jim Crow and bullshit barriers to Americans of Hispanic descent to be considered human beings.

And so for identity and pride, hyphenated names were used. If Limbaugh truly wants everyone to just be Americans, then he needs to recognize and admit the past that made the hyphenation necessary. But he won't. And neither will his listeners. Nor will they acknowledge that their current anti-immigrant fervor is rooted in the same bigotry our loved ones faced.

Still, we should read what he has to say at least to refute his delusions:

"... but there was never any substance to his (Obama's) speeches, just soaring rhetoric. That guy can say nothing better than anyone I have ever heard say nothing.' He drums his fingers. 'My take on this is that we are all Americans and I am sick and tired of hyphenated Americans. Afro-American, Hispanic-Americans.

'I am truly colour blind and I wish everyone else was. We Balkanise when we say only women can represent women in Congress and only Jews can represent Jews and only blacks can represent blacks. It's bullshit. We all want the same things. Prosperity and a decent education for our kids. Treating this country like it is stuck 50 years ago is bullshit; we have made more progress than anyone over this. Get over it. If Obama says stupid things I'm not going to say they are not stupid because he's black. He's running for President, for God's sake. It's the Left who has been racist by agonising about whether he is black enough. Is he authentic enough? Does he have a civil rights record? For me he's a liberal. That is reason enough to oppose him.' "

And what Limbaugh professes from his poverty of experiences and lack of education is enough to oppose him.

But I've got give him some credit. He is a cat lover. Me, too.

To read more of the fascintating profile of a very interesting man, go to:

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