Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Drudge Report can't stand bad news about Palin

I like to read the Drudge Report. I know it is biased toward conservatives, but it usually dishes up some revelations people need to know.

But not with Gov. Sarah Palin. The website still has not featured one story in the growing scandals surrounding the GOP VP nominee despite AP and reports 12 hours ago.

What gives?

Matt Drudge, the founder of the site, does not want Sen. Obama to win. So he is withholding this negative news about the McCain campaign. This gross oversight also is about money and prominence.

The direct challenge to the Drudge Report -- the Huffington Post -- is its liberal reflection in the growing web site bureaucracy. I don't read Huffington because it was started by a person who made her name by the celebrity friends she kept, not heroic public positions she took or accomplishments.

Arianna Huffington just wants to be noticed. Now she is liberal. Tomorrow's ideology depends on where the money and attentio is.

For me, Drudge has a better record. But today's oversight brings him down to Arianna's level -- which is a long drop.

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