Thursday, October 23, 2008

Even in the land of the affluent, need is growing; Graceworks Ministries desperately needs your help

Graceworks Ministries -- the most visible provider of help to the needy in Williamson County -- reports that the number of people seeking assistance has jumped by 25 percent over a year ago.

Williamson County is the 11th most affluent county in the United States. It is home to country music stars, engineers, bonus-laden sales people and professional athletes. So any increase in need here says something about conditions across the state of Tennessee and the nation.

Twenty-seven U.S. states are considered in recession. That includes Tennessee. Claims nationally for new jobless benefits rose by 15,000 last week. Today, four corporations announced almost 10,000 layoffs. That trend will accelerate.

Churches also are hurting. Holy Family Catholic Church in Brentwood is down by almost $400,000 in its current fiscal year budget compared to the rate of giving last year.

Conditions for the needy will only get worse. And the ranks of the needy even here is going to grow.

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