Friday, October 31, 2008

Dole's loss would be best thing on election night

The defeat of incumbent U.S. Elizabeth on Tuesday would be the best political news of the night concerning a politician who has employed despicable anti-immigrant rhetoric and ads to win votes by hate.

She is behind challenger Kay Hagan, a Democrat who unfortunately has not challenged Dole's anti-immigrant rhetoric.

But CNN reports that Hagan really got blasted for her seeming indiffernece when Dole went after on an issue that matters even more people in North Carolina than immigrants.

In the 30-second ad, a narrator says that a leader of the Godless Americans Political Action Committee recently held a "secret fundraiser" for Hagan.

The ad then shows members of the group, which promotes rights for atheists and the separation of church and state, declaring that neither God nor Jesus exists.

The ad ends with a picture of Hagan and a voice that sounds like hers declaring, "There is no God."

So there you have it; Dole reaching to new lows to get re-elected. Hagan -- who denies the ad -- deserves a bit of fault for it for not challenging Dole on anti-immigrant ads. And Hagan supports the same anti-immigrant proposals pushed by Dole.

Now she is reaping a bitter harvest, bad as this ad may be.

Hagan still is slightly ahead in the polls. So perhaps the latest ad will be the last we have to hear from Liddy Dole.

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