Thursday, October 23, 2008

The end of trust: America no longer has any institutions for the people to believe in

Today on Capitol Hill, trust ended in America.

The last icon -- former Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan -- was rightly ripped down from the wall. Congressional representatives produced the documentation and his own words to show Mr. Omnipotent was asleep at the wheel for what dollar-wise will be the biggest economic catastrophe in American history.

Now the people wander and question. And they don't trust any answer they're receiving.

The Catholic Church, the politically polarized news media, campaign donation-laden politicians, the local banker, the friendly financial adviser, the crazy Jim Cramer entertainers of financial television, the buddy-like stock broker -- all have betrayed for self-protection and easy reward. Greed kills everything it touches.

And they've done so at your personal expense, wiping out trillions of dollars in hard-earned retirement savings and college education futures for children. May they be damned for the long-term damage they've done to America. She deserved better.

So to who or whom do we now turn? Or what? Political parties betray. Ideologies are inconsistent. Presidential candidates promising change have propelled their fortunes with the ill-gotten gains of the Wall Street fatcats and sub-prime mortgage profiteers.

Perhaps we'll return our trust to where it should always belong and to the words of its foundation.

How about God?

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