Friday, October 31, 2008

Polls continue to tighten in McCain's favor

MSNBC this moring unveiled three Western polls showing John McCan up by 11 points in Arizona, tied in New Mexico and within four points of Barack Obama in Nevada.

This information is important since CNN's John King with his Spock-like super board has put New Mexico in Obama's category and Nevada as leaning to Obama. He also has Obama very close in Arizona.

In addition, Yahoo reported an AP story showing one in seven Americans still persuadable in how they'll vote Tuesday. The McCain camp is hoping on these voterss switching to him on the last day as a more safe choice.

Another poll shows the early voting edge going to McCain, along with absentee ballots.

Again, the race is far from over. Most polls do not ask if a person's selection over the phone is unchangeable in the ballot box. And four days left in a campaign is an eternity.

Stay tuned and on the edge of your seats.

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