Thursday, October 23, 2008

Pelosi shows Dems unsympathetic to immigrants

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has again shown herself to be a poor political leader, this time unleashing a firestorm from Hispanic politicos for saying that immigration reform leading to citizenship for undocumented human beings is probably dead.

In an interview with AP, just before a presidential vote, Pelosi has revealed her political party to be little better than the GOP. At least Republicans leaders are honest in their hate.

Hispanic writers and advocates are outraged. And they feel betrayed by a political party first and always beholden to other special interests ahead of the most vulnerable in this nation.

To now eliminate any path to citizenship for 11 million to 12 million undocumented human beings in this nation is shocking, particularly before Sen. Obama can be elected. We sure didn't vote to put Pelosi in charge of the nation.

My blog is devoted to the truth that both parties betray. Pelosi has again proved it.

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Anonymous said...

Give Pelosi a piece of your mind:

And ask Obama if he still wants millions of Hispanic votes or would he rather they went for McCain, who promises a comprehensive Immigration Reform within the first 100 days of his term: