Sunday, October 26, 2008

Blue Cross/Blue Shield putting Tennesseans at risk

Just as on Wall Street, greed rules in health care that is supposed to save lives first.

Instead, profit-making dominates. With the passage of prescription health care coverage for seniors two or so years ago, the pharmeceutical companies were able to keep cheaper Canadian drugs from being included in eligiblity for the program. That's because U.S. Sen. Bill Frist as Senate Majority Leader insisted so. His Hippocratic Oath of first do no harm did not count with him then.

Now we have greed interrupting the needed health care for hundreds of thousands of people in west Tennessee, including the state's biggest city, Memphis. Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Tennessee won't negotiate a new deal with health care providers(hospitals, doctors, specialists) there without getting more money.

Blue Cross/Blue Shield is supposed to be a non-profit entity. But that does not keep it from building a $300 million dollar corporate headquarters on a scenic hill to treat its high-paid executives to great views and big salaries. And now they want even more money. Perhaps they'll use the loot health care providers must fork over for jacuzzis in every office and a bar in every foyer. But the money sure isn't to lower your health insurance premiums or to provide better care.

Greed kills everything it touches. And now hundreds of thousands of Tennesseans who need medical help will be shifted from their doctors and specialists who have been treating them for years because Blue Cross/Blue Shield is first a pirate organization out for more treasure.

As someone who has seen the same specialist for leukemia that past three years, I can tell you that seeing the same doctor is critical to maintaining health and the continuity of treatment.

Next time you look for a health care insurance, be sure to remember Blue Cross/Blue Shield and its real priorities of greed first.

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