Monday, January 19, 2009

Apologist Tennessean story for puppet speaker ignores the reality of what matters in Tennessee

I quickly glanced over the big story on the front The Sunday Tennessean, and as many of you, found it to be void of the values that really matter in this state and its people.

I don't subscribe to the floundering newspaper. I just glance at the front page when I go to Kroger, where these is real value. If you still subscribe, you are being cheated out of your money in a world of con men from Madoff to Jimmy Naifeh.

The apologist story Sunday focused on how the puppet speaker had been mistreated by his fellow Republicans.

What it did not mention was one important thing that is paramount in the lives of every Tennessean, except those at the Statehouse who are Democrats and those who lead the newspaper.


When you sign a piece of paper pledging support, then four hours before a vote, you give your word eye to eye that you'll abide that pledge, then you are bound by honor.

But the puppet speaker broke that value most important to every Tennessean. The newspaper has never honored that value, either, during my tenure there and after.

Yet its Sunday front page tried to provide a sense of honor to a man who did not deserve it, and a newspaper that lost it long ago.

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