Friday, January 9, 2009

God corrects me and says my return to mainstream news media is not for me but you

It is with a great sense of humility and urgency that I am able to announce this morning that I now re-engaging my career as a political columnist in the mainstream news media.

For a start, I will be writing for the Williamson Herald, in a county that is the center of political power in this state. It already is the center of financial and spiritual power in Tennessee. I possess those qualities, too.

Ultimately, I hope to be writing for five regional newspapers in the loop of counties around Davidson County.

It is highly unusual to get hired in today's depressed newspaper industry. But I credit publisher Derby Jones for seeing the value in a journalist who knows how to access the political system all the way to the White House and organize people for the common good from Franklin to Nashville and in other Middle Tennessee cities.

When I was thanking God for restoring what had been taken for me, he responded by placing this thought in my mind: I did not do this for you. I did it for my people who are hurting. Help them."

And so I shall, while serving my publisher and newspaper.

The hurt I used to only find in Nashville has spread to Williamson County and other suburbs. And the feeling of being cut off from one's government continues to be common for poor and affluent or used-to-be affluent alike.

I will have a daily blog that people can access on the Williamson Herald website. I also will write a weekly column and whatever is needed by my publisher. This blog site, Political Salsa, will continue but with less entries.

I am grateful for this return to my career. I do not celebrate returning to Legislative Plaza and the wrongs there. But as I told my publisher, I must return for the people I care about, and that is so many good people I got to know from my 12 years living in Brentwood. I now live in Nashville.

After all, Legislative Plaza is The People's House ... and thus the name for my column and the reason for which I will write and fight for you.

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