Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Naifeh in new power grab wants to be Speaker-emeritus; resolution may be considered tomorrow

Not yet outgoing House Speaker Jimmy Naifeh will have a resolution considered as early as tomorrow naming him "Speaker-Emeritus", an unprecedented power grab to keep him running the show while puppeteering the sad little man elected yesterday.

Republican sensitivities were keen this afternoon as I made my way through Legislative Plaza and heard about the shocking resolution. They believe that Naifeh will retain speaker powers even though a puppet Republican was elected yesterday -- only hours after promising members of his party to support Rep. Jason Mumpower for the top job.

Naifeh surprised many with his brazen power grab yesterday. And Republicans may have no power to stop the resolution since Naifeh has 50 votes to their 49.

That's where you come in. If you let your Democratic lawmaker vote for this resolution, then you are endorsing the corruption Naifeh has nurtured in the House. And if you have time tomorrow, you should make a line to the House Gallery and be ready to boo down this destructive resolution.

Look to this blog for more updates on this disastrous affront to our democracy and the power of the people at the ballot box.

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