Wednesday, January 14, 2009

GOP needs to show benefits of its leadership at Statehouse; stupid anti-gay remark does not help

A very thoughtful reader writes the following:

"I don't really like to label myself even though I normally vote Republican. The corrupt democrat machine in this state needed to go.

"Tennessee keeps embarrassing itself politically quite a bit on both sides lately.

"However, one thing really grabbed me this morning as I listened to Robin Smith (Republican Party Chairman) talk on 99.7 about yesterday's vote. In describing her fellow Republicans, she continually referred to her party as being conservative, anti-tax, anti-gay and pro-life. Also, in describing the new speaker, she aligned him with the anti-abortion, liberal, tax happy, Pro-Gay party.

"Let me be perfectly clear. I am not for gay marriage, and I don't approve of a lot gay behavior. But I do believe they are children of God that just can't help their sexual orientation. Who would knowingly want to live with the all the different forms of discrimination?

"That said, I think it is outrageous for gays to compare their discrimination to what minorities have suffered in this country.

"Question: Is this now one of the major themes of the Tennessee Republican Party? Do we need to be against people in our military, police departments, my cousin who works as a caregiver in a nursing home, my parents' neighbors who have been together 17 years, etc.

"If this anti-gay mantra is just a way of deflecting any gay marriage proposals, it sure doesn't sound that way. By spouting this anti-gay stuff, I feel this further polarizes a republican party that is on the ropes nationally."

Well-written and said.

There will be no momentum built to stop Naifeh, his puppet speaker and all the corruption at the Statehouse until the Tennessee GOP quits dividing people a la Chip Salsman and now Robin Smith.

Republicans need to prove their leadership would reflect more integrity and character at Legislative Plaza and in Congress.

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