Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Skaggs and Inaugural Ball organizers salute new school board chief, promise involvement, support

(Photos by Tim Chavez)

The Big Four organizers behind the Music City Inaugural Charity Ball spoke this evening to the Metro Nashville Public Schools governing board and saluted incoming director Dr. Jesse Register -- promising support beyond mere words to the Metro's children and families.

Sharon White-Skaggs, co-chair of the event, and her husband, Ricky Skaggs, headlined the group appearance that included the Rev. Enoch Fuzz, co-chair, and the Rev. Charles McGowan, another key organizer -- particularly among conservatives and evangelicals.

Dr. Register accepted the invitation to be honorary chair of the historic event. In the top two photos, he is the man at the table in the left background.

In particular, Rev. McGowan promised Dr. Register that he would renew a battery of pastors to assist in supporting the schools and students in their neighborhoods. McGowan heads The Andrew Group, a multi-racial, non-denominational collective of 250 congregations dedicated to public service. Fuzz also is part of the group.

The Skaggs were most gracious in their words to the board and Dr. Register and promised to also include them in their prayers. Both focused on the Ball's theme: "The Spirit of Unity". Even though they live in Hendersonville, the Skaggs have acted to offer new support to Metro Schools.

Before the appearance, Sharon White-Skaggs told Rev. Fuzz the following truth that moves so many people of good will in Nashville and its suburban counties:

"We all want to make a difference; we just need someone to help us plug in."

Amen to that truth. You can plug in, also, to the connection to make a difference across political, racial and class lines through the Music City Inaugural Charity Ball. It will be the largest inaugural ball outside of Washington, D.C. on Jan. 20.

To purchase tickets for this massive networking event of people wanting to make a difference and those who know to plug in to the need, go to www.volunteernashville.com

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