Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Republicans buying many more tickets than Democrats for Music City Inaugural Charity Ball

The Rev. Enoch Fuzz finds it sad that so many more Republicans have purchased tickets for an inaugural ball in Nashville designed to provide support to President Barack Obama and promote unity to solve problems here and nationally.

Fuzz is co-chair of the event along with Sharon White-Skaggs, wife of 13-time Grammy winner Ricky Skaggs.

To me, the lack of response from Democrats is very typical of a state political party that has few principles. Its leader also encouraged Obama not to come to Tennessee to campaign before Nov. 4. So Gov. Phil Bredesen greatly helped the GOP take over the General Assembly.

Granted, some Democrats are going to Washington to celebrate. But Tennessee stood out as having the largest margin of defeat percentage-wise for Obama. So I wouldn't expect them to be very welcome.

Tennessee Democrats are a much different breed than the national ones. They've allowed TennCare to be gutted, for example. So the fact that proceeds from the ball will benefit 21 charities understandably does not move these asses/donkeys.

I don't really believe it is possible to shame Tennessee and Nashville Democrats for all they have allowed to happen to the most vulnerable here and across the state.

But to prove me wrong, I'd hope Democrats would purchase more tickets by going to www.volunteernashville.com. If my commitment to serve as the target for a dunk tank is needed, I'll readily accept.

Until then, Tennessee and Nashville Democrats have proven to be the most unworthy of their party's name than any other group I've been around. Tennessee sure needs a strong two-party system, if only to be given a real choice for public policy.

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